A 30 minutes consulting session to address specific challenges that your business is facing. We come up with key questions that will help you better solve your problem.

What is 30 for 30?
This is a service that we provide to our clients to have 30 minutes of problem identification or problem-solving. 30 for 30 should help to inform about the next 30 days of the client’s enterprise. Moreover, 30 minutes is not enough to solve the problem hence, ALCG consultants should focus on prioritizing the most relevant and impactful root cause. Afterward, the 30 for 30 clients can clearly see the implications of the problems and ALCG consultant should encourage the clients to apply for our platinum consulting services to be able to solve this problem in depth. 

How to do the 30 for 30? 

5 minutes: 

  • Introduction to the problem 
  • Define the problem with its key levers or drivers 

15 minutes: 

  • Build your structure to the problem 
  • Try to solve the problem on the spot with the little information available (this will depend on the problem if it is short term or long term)

10 minutes: 

  • Present your structure to the client 
  • Point out important information 
  • Identify action steps 
  • Market the Platinium consulting services

Pre 30 for 30, What should you do? 

The client should provide any document (e.g business plan or corporate book) to the ALCG consultant. These documents will be used to better understand the business model of the client and better prepare for the 30 for 30. 

Also, ALCG consultants can ask what specific problems they want to be solved and build the structure prior to the meeting. This will increase the efficiency of the meeting and the ALCG consultants can focus more on the relevant aspect of the problem to be solved.